My grill went to sleep mode


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Feb 9, 2022
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My grill went to sleep mode about 6 hours into smoking a brisket, I had just checked it an hour early iré and it was fine. Is this a common issue? How do I know fix it? Thank you.
Which grill do you have? I’ve personally never had this problem
Double check that your power cord is secure on both ends. Any chance you lost power at home, even for a second?
WTF is sleep mode during a cook?
Sleep mode is pretty much when your grill is plugged in and the switch is on, but you haven't pushed the button yet to turn on the display. That's what makes me think the grill lost its power source somehow. Whether from a loose cord/connection or from an outage.
Most of the posts lately have been folks having all kinds of problems with their new units. I think it is really sad that a company like Traeger isn't producing the quality units they were in the past. A good thermostatic controller isn't rocket science. The thermocouples should be calibrated with the controller when you receive it, not an additional thing to mess with. The only shut down or sleep mode should only be for a controller problem that would cause damage or out of control over heat. The P setting (pause) should be accessible without removing the controller from its housing. I watch my local Craigs List and see nice earlier working Traegers for very reasonable prices, an example, $400.00 fro a working and good shape BBQ 075. My 075 is still working fine and if it goes down I can find after market replacement parts that work well and cost less that original Traeger parts that have issues. Traegers were the top of the line in their day, and now I feel that they are failing to keep up due to their internal problems. I am sorry about the rant, I love my 2015 075 and will "Keep On Smokin"as long as I can find replacement parts if one ever fails.
The only time I had this happen was when my wife tripped over the cord and it unplugged. Instead of telling me about it, she just plugged it back in. This did not end well. :oops:
I bought a brand new Silverton 810 a few weeks ago, and during my first long cook of a pork butt, it went to sleep twice. Fortunately I was excited to have the cool app and I saw that it went to sleep. To get the cook going again, I had to completely shut off the grill and restart it each time. I called customer service and we worked on it together and they decided it was the thermal-couple and they sent me a new one (which I put on). A few days later I was cooking some beef jerky (4 to 5 hour cook) and this time I wasn't home when I saw on the app that it had gone to sleep (arrrrggg). This time customer service said it is likely to be the power switch and they are sending me a new one. I sure hope it fixes the problem this time.
Since replacing the power switch, I've run a 30 hamburger cook and a 4 hour beef jerky cook and so far so good (i.e the grill did not go into sleep mode. However the phone app got into a weird state and stopped showing me the current pellet level and the super smoke icon button disappeared. Customer service gave me instructions to redo the wi-fi and remove the grill from the app, and uninstall and reinstall the app on my phone which put it back to normal.
I found multiple posts on a Reddit of people having this issue a few years ago, and the cause at the time appeared to be a software bug, and the claim was that turning off wifi would avoid the problem. I have a 575 Pro, and this happened last Thanksgiving and ruined a large turkey. We were not amused, but luckily we were smoking a few days ahead so we got a do-over. It's happened twice now just over 2 hours into a pork shoulder smoke. The first time I wasn't sure I'd be able to start it again because it was acting very sluggish and not responding to the controls well. Took a couple tries the next time, but I unplugged it briefly, which may have helped. I'm watching it like a hawk right now so I can restart as needed, but will definitely be having a conversation with their support later. The way it is acting after a restart sounds more like hardware than software, but it's hard to say.
It seems to have gone off the deep end now - it went out, and just kept shutting off again and again despite being unplugged and left off for a bit. We turned on the oven and were about to give up and move the meat there, and it finally started again, but I'm sure it is temporary. Going to leave it until the next failure and then move it, and call support. It is not acting like a software problem at all.
I've been having the same issue with my 885 going into sleep mode. In fact, I'm smoking a brisket right now. Been going good for 6 hours and just went into sleep mode. Was able to restart the grill without powering off. This also happened a few weeks ago after I've replaced the power switch, temp sensor, firepot and finally the control panel. Not very impressed with Traeger. I've only used it 3 times prior to having replaced 4 parts. The unit is less than a year old.
So I had the sleep problem again, and now they are sending me a replacement hot-rod. They are running out of things to replace, but I want to be optimistic that "something" will get past this problem. One observation I had was that when I went to clean out the firepot, I found what I'll call a "clump" of char'd pellets all stuck together. Chicken and an egg question.....did the grill going to sleep cause the improper/incomplete buring of the pellets, or did the clumping pellets cause the fire to go out, thus causing the sleeping problem.....hmmmm
My grill went to sleep mode about 6 hours into smoking a brisket, I had just checked it an hour early iré and it was fine. Is this a common issue? How do I know fix it? Thank you.
Prior to installing a new router at home I had no issues with my traeger. Today I reconnected the wifi and started cooking the traeger pulled pork recipe. When i send the recipe to the grill the traeger goes into sleep mode every 30 minutes while cooking. It did that 5 times in a two hour time span. Switched to manual cook mode and it is cooking without issue. It did have a software update when the router was reconnected.

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