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I think I will stay with pellets, one odd size chip could bring the auger to a stop, which might cause additional problems or damage to another component. I am about to replace my fan, the bushings have evidently worn and it needs a little spray of WD40 each time I fire it up. When I replace the fan I planned on dissembling everything and doing a good cleaning. My thoughts were to remove the auger and check the wear and condition of the auger and the feed tube it runs in. If the interior of the tube looks a little rough I thought about running a brake cylinder hone through it just enough to smooth / clean the inside of the tube. I can wire brush the auger when its out and remove any burrs. Just wondering if anyone had done this before. It will be a little while before I do this due to a back problem I am working with, but I will post my results.
WD40 is not a very good lubricant, especially at elevated temperatures. The WD stands for water displacement. It works great to remove moisture. Your fan is likely to work better with something like 20 weight motor oil that can take the heat.
Here, someone tried this so no one else has to wonder what happens.

That auger sounds HORRIBLE, sorry if I spoiled the outcome of the video for anyone. Pretty safe to say the length of the auger and style of auger makes this a no go in the Traeger with a 1:1 ratio. I doubt any other ratio would be much better. It just takes a couple chips to get between the auger and tube to cause the binding
I’ll stick with my smoke tubes for sure. Thanks for posting!
I guess that shows that Treager has a pretty strong auger motor, I wouldn't put mine thru that. I guess now he has a lifetime supply for a smoke tube but they look a little small for that. Thank you for the video.
Before you damage your smoker, I recommend you go to youtube and google "wood chips and pellets in a pellet smoker." A few have tried the LSG wood chips in their smokers and most reported an auger jam.

I have a 20 x 42 LSG Pellet smoker and I use a 50/50 mix of Hickory or Oak wood chips with LumberJack Pellets with every cook. I also have a Pitts and Spitts Pellet smoker and I would NOT use wood chips in it for the reason listed above.
I was considering trying this in my Traeger Gen 1 Ironwood 885, but I don't have access to the wood chips here in Aussie. So I thought I would have a go at making my own.
I can get Hickory Smoking Chips from the hardware store, and I put them through my garden shredder 10 times and this what happened.
Picture 1 is the raw chips picture 2 is the before and after.

I still might try it in the Traeger but if nothing else it will be a better product to pack my smoker tube.

Pic 1.jpg
Pic 2.jpg
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