What's cooking on your FlatRock or Griddle today? 🥞🥓🍔

If anyone is considering buying a gas griddle, I would suggest getting the largest one that you can afford and that will fit in the allotted space. I typically cook for only my wife and I, but I utilized the space of my 4-burner FlatIron griddle to the fullest. Here is my griddle good for July 4th.


For lunch we had hamburgers topped with bacon, onions and cheese. The dome was used to melt the cheese. The buns were slathered in mayonnaise and then toasted on the griddle.

The pot contains homemade pork and beans made using my special recipe.

The Johnsonville brats were not for this meal, I seared them to be consumed later. I had available space, so why not use it.

For those in Canada, I hope your holiday on the 1st was a celebratory one. For those in the States, have a Happy 4th!. Stay safe and enjoy some fine outdoor cooking.
Just posting as I am bored. Cooked both some boneless pork chops yesterday and also a Ham Steak for my wife who takes it to work for her lunches. Of course these do not need cooking at all but she likes the way I make it for her with different things such as mustards on them. Yesterday mixed in a bowl spicy mustard, mustard with its own honey and some spicy honey I have. Slathered it on the ham and cooked away. Cooked on medium which of course was pretty hot. Charred both sides them removed it. But that spot in the center was where the ham was cooked and what a charred mess it left. Adding water normally helps take anything off but it did nothing here. Used a scraper then Grill Rescue grill pad with more water. I did finally get it all off but may have taken some of the seasoning off as well. Seasoned the griddle twice then shut it off so hopefully it's back to normal. This was post cleaning and adding more seasoning.


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