Smoked Wings - having problems with rubbery skin

This sounds like a great way to use my Anova. How long in the bath? Temperature?
I catch wings on Sale and cut them up and put a little salt and pepper on them then put in vac bags in single layers and freeze them until I need them. Then I SV them straight from frozen at 160 for a couple hours (2 to 21/2). Then I remove them, pat dry and add another coat of salt and pepper (I keep kosher salt and black pepper mixed together in containers) lay them out on a baking rack and put in the fridge for 6-10 hours to dry out, then I deep fry them and they are always crispy but super moist and delicious. The SV really makes it easy.
I sear whole chicken, thighs, drumticks etc. on the webber grill once the chicken obsorbed enough smoke at 145. I am never able to get crispy skin on a smoker.

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