June 2019 Grill Master of the Month contest begins NOW!


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Feb 12, 2019
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TraegerForum.com has now grown to over 300 members and to celebrate we are kicking off the June 2019 Grill Master of the Month Contest! I want to take a minute and thank everyone that has participated to help us achieve our goal of being the #1 resource for Traeger Owners. It's great to be apart of a community full of people that are so helpful. This month, the winner will receive a Traeger Wood Scraper along with a "Grill Master of the Month" badge.

How do I enter?
Simply post in this thread a finished photo of your favorite Veggie smoked on the Traeger along with recipe and instructions to complete the cook. The photo included must be your photo, we encourage the photo to include your username (on a piece of paper, napkin, etc, be creative!) The recipe however can come from anywhere. We will leave this thread open for 7 days and close the thread on May 21st at 5:00pm EST. The winner will then be voted on by the TraegerForum community.
What could you win?
This month the winner will receive a Traeger Wooden Grill Scraper - link: https://www.amazon.com/Traeger-BAC454-Wooden-Scape-Scraper/dp/B07CKFVBB1/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2KSGARLOWN7ET&keywords=traeger+grill+scraper&qid=1560092300&s=home-garden&sprefix=traeger+grill+scraper,garden,155&sr=1-3

Fine print:
Only one entry per person will be allowed.
We will only ship to a winner in the United States/Canada due to shipping expenses.
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Bump! Contest has been extended to May 21st!
Stuffed jalapeños.
Jalapeños, Cream cheese, Shredded cheddar cheese, Bacon and your favorite rub.
Wash and cut the jalapeños in half. Remove the membrane and seeds. Mix cream cheese and shredded cheddar cheese together in a bowl. Add a few shakes of your favorite rub.
Cut the bacon strips in half. Stuff the peppers with the cheese mixture and wrap with a half slice of the bacon. Apply a sprinkle of your favorite rub to each. Smoke at 225 for about an hour. Enjoy with your favorite adult beverage.
Veggies, mmmm OK, I'll take the bait.

Here's bacon wrapped onion rings on the Traeger. Real simple. Get some large Vidalia onions and slice. Use the large outer wrings and wrap with center cut bacon.

Cook on the Traeger at 325/350 till bacon is done and crisp as you like it.