Faulty replacement auger motor


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Jul 13, 2020
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Calgary, Alberta
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Has anyone recently received a new auger motor that doesn't work? I have received 2 now that are doing the same thing. I plug them in and the little fan doesn't spin. this is on any setting smoke or any temp setting. When I swap wires for the induction fan, this should cause it to spin constantly, it still won't spin. I do notice the fan twitches when it's supposed to start turning. However, it only twitches. If I flick the fan, it has enough momentum to continue spinning. The problem is the auger motor cycles on and off during cooking. Everytime it goes off. I have to flick it again to get it spinning on the next on cycle. I left it running for 3 hours to see if it needed to be broken in and warmed up. Could just be stiff from factory. This didn't work. Anyone have similar problems and figure out a solution? Traeger Technical support is understanding but not really technical. They go through the checklist and if it doesn't resolve they send you a new part. They are now sending me a new controller to see if that's the problem. I've tried these 2 motors on my friends Traeger and it's the same results. It's hard to believe I received to faulty motors from factory but anything is possible I guess...