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Wind issues


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May 2, 2019
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before i make the purchase of the grill....has anybody had issues with wind? Im looking at the pro or ironwood series
I did a cook a week ago with wind gusts of 60 kph and no issues at all.
I did a cook a week ago with wind gusts of 60 kph and no issues at all.
Thanks I appreciate the quick feedback... I was hoping this was the case.. not sure if the ironwood has an advantage for not have a smoke stack
I’ve never really had an issue with wind but I would recommend the ironwood if your budget allows. The extra features were worth it me. Good luck and hope to see some cooks on the forum!
I have an Ironwood 650 and I haven't had any issues with wind. I do have it placed fairly close to the house though, so I'm sure that has helped block some of the wind.

Do you have a pellet grill now?
well i went for it...bought the ironwood.
Wondering how it worked out with the Ironwood. In Chicago my Timberline was fine. I'm now in South Dakota and need to repair my Timberline. The wind kicked up bad from behind my grill. It overwhelmed the fan blowing the fire back to the hopper. Looked like a torch! Melted the fan! Not sure what I'm going to do with the grill after repair. Worried that this WILL happen again. The wind can be very unpredictable and intense here.