WiFi connectivity issue differences between models.


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May 24, 2024
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Isle of Man, GB
Ironwood (Gen 2), Pro 575
I have a second generations Ironwood and a Pro 575, the former a couple of months old and the latter a couple of years old. Both connect just fine to my home WiFi and are controlled via the IOS app when around 5 metres away irrespective of how the grills are placed without issue.

However I have a new patio and gazebo some 10-15 metres away from the router and would like to use the Traeger's there. In anticipation of the fact this is beyond the advertised approx. 10 metre advised limit for connectivity I bought a WiFi extender.... so far so good.

The problem is that at a range of around 10 metres from the extender the Pro575 is fine whilst the Ironwood dips in and out of connectivity regularly, positioning the Ironwood to face the extender helps a bit whereas the Pro575 is fine however it is placed. I then did a bit of an experiment moving both further and further distances away from the router starting at 5 metres (extender switched off) and the same thing was noticeable, the Pro575 WiFi connectivity is significantly more robust than the Ironwood.

I have a Meater block that performs perfectly in all the above scenarios with or without the extender.

Anyone experienced anything similar or have any thoughts? Thank you.
As a follow up someone at Traeger UK suggests the problem could be software related?. However upgrading to an outdoor WiFi extender (WAVLINK N300 Outdoor Wireless Access Point, Weatherproof 300Mbps 2.4G) and using it in repeater mode has negated the problem, get an excellent signal on the Ironwood now!
Because the controller is housed in a metal box, connectivity is going to be best when the face of the controller is pointing towards your router. You also need a "line of sight" between the router and the grill.

Because of my layout, the controller is pointing away from the router. I also have a brick fireplace directly in the line of sight between the router and the grill. Even though the grill is only 20 ft from my router, the connectivity is so poor that I just gave up on using the WiFi connection.
the connectivity is so poor that I just gave up on using the WiFi connection.
Fair comment, the Traeger WiFi is perhaps more of a nicety than an essential and I have done a good few cooks not bothering with WiFi. Of more importance to me is the Meater block WiFi which has worked perfectly to date and includes an ambient temperature function on each probe. The ambient temperature seems to be a lot more consistent and stable on the double skinned new Ironwood than the single skinned Pro575.

Shame the Meater probes and the Traeger Meater probes (i.e. those that come with the new Timberline) are not interchangeable given Traeger now own Meater, I suppose over time this will be resolved.

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