What's your #1 favorite food to grill?


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Feb 12, 2019
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Austin, TX
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What's your all time favorite food to grill on the Traeger?
I like a butterflied, stuffed and rolled pork loin done very slow until I run out of time then bump it up to 225 then brown @350. Cherry or Costco blend gives a beautiful glaze. I use a home-brew brown sugar, sea salt, garlic, onion, smoked paprika, coarse ground pepper, cayenne, I usually add something else as the spirit moves me and spritz with apple juice and cider vinegar. I tie it with about 5 strips of thick bacon. The sirloin end is more tasty IMO and requires more trimming. Spices I like to add to pork include basil, thyme, McCormick roasted red pepper and garlic and either home-brew or McCormick cajun. Everything is a work in progress.

Saute some onions and red peppers with butter until browned then season with cajun or roasted red pepper and garlic spice mix and coarse ground pepperthen give it a shot of franks hot sauce and saute the mixture to reduce the liquid. Roll that in a butterflied pork loin. The next day the taste of red pepper and onions is amazing. Cold on a sandwich is amazing. A handfull of bread crumbs in the mix will retain the buttery residue. Hell I even put the onions and pepper mix on pizza with ground beef or snausage. (done on the Traeger of course)
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Chicken wings - Hands down.


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