What went wrong?? Cooked Top Sirloin Roast & done in half the time


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Feb 17, 2020
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Had my Silverton 5 days now.

First Pulled Pork (shoulder) in over 9 hours and no where near done.

Yesterday set to 250 & instructions say 3 hours for medium rare (3lbs Roast).... Roast still wasn't even completely defrosted. 90 minutes later check it for kicks is almost medium.

Wife also questioning smoke flavour on everything & wants to use old bbq. Should have just bought a Weber?

Starting to question my purchase.
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Hmm.. I've never started out with frozen meat so I'm not sure what extra time would be required. Did you wrap at all during the cook?
Was 80% defrosted so just cold (not close to room temp). Just on the grill @ 250 (checked a # of recipes). Still figuring things out.
Hi 365. My average 8-9 lb bone-in pork shoulders with a pit temp in the range of 250-275 require several more hours than 9, probably easily 12. One of my higher lengths of time was on a smaller shoulder, which illustrates what folks so commonly state as each piece of meat cooks differently and is done when it's done.

3 hours for a 3 lb roast seems excessively long to me and, often, frozen meat does not require a significant amount of additional time.

Are you saying the smoke flavor is not as pronounced as you prefer? If so, what are you comparing it to? Hopefully, you and your wife can get this sorted out to your liking.
Welcome to the forum! Pellets can make a difference, what brand and flavor of pellets were used? It just takes some experimenting but I’m sure you will get things dialed in!
I recommend getting set up so you can monitor it on your phone, that way you can keep track of it wherever you are. There are a few options out there but I use a Fireboard. Unfortunately I cannot rely on the temp settings on the Traeger but I can rely on the Fireboard and live by that. My grill runs 20-30* colder than the controller is set for. I cook my stuff between 180 and 220, never 250 and I get plenty of smoke. Poultry would have to be brought up to a higher temp or the skin gets leathery but I haven't done enough of that to get it down pat yet.

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