What to clean grates with?


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May 31, 2024
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Howdy folks, just used my traeger for the first time yesterday and I was able to clean the porcelain coated wire grates it comes with pretty easy but I was wondering what you guys recommend to scrape the hard gunk off with down the road. I have seen the wooden tool traeger sells. Of course there are tons of the wire brushes. I don’t particularly like those because sometimes the bristles come off and they themselves are a pain to keep clean. Thanks!
I have the wood tool, I have brushes, I have scrubber pads... I also just run at 400° and burn off the grease. I don't clean often.
I've tried various things (also a Pro 22). Biggest issue I have is not having a sink large enough to immerse the main grate. Resolved that by laying the grate horizontally across the top of the sink and draping a hot soapy cloth over top and letting it set for an hour or so. Turn the grate over and repeat. Then finish up with a Scotch-brite scouring pad; seems to work fine for me and doesn't scratch the enamel.
Traeger makes a cleaner you can find it at Home Depot or online. That's what I've been using. Spray it on the grates, let it sit a few minutes than wipe it off with paper towels. I do this after I use a Steel brush on the grates. Works wonders. I'm sure there's other products, but that's what's been working well for me and My Timberline XL.
Thank you all for the replies. You have provided some good insight.

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