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What a waste of $4000!!!


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Apr 9, 2020
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Traeger 1300
I bought the Traeger 1300 grill from Nebraska Furniture Mart. My fiancee and I got married at home and was going to cook dinner for small amount of guests. The grill wouldn't hold heat, terrible experience at the wedding. Later found out there's a download that needs to be done. The stupid thing won't connect to WiFire. Tried everything, no luck. Was told by Traeger to use WIFI password less than 10 digits, changed WIFI password. Still won't connect. Called Nebraska Furn Mart who wouldn't take it back. Called Traeger and left message for the CEO to give me a call. No response.

I wish I would've never purchased this expense piece of trash! I'm a regional manager for a world wide company and new wife is business owner of a national high end brand of product used in the construction segment. I will tell all we know not to purchase the Treager brand, and use the experience to train our staff on how NOT to treat customers!!!!!
Quick update. Just talked to customer service person who said the software in my unit is too old to connect to their app. Sending me new software to install and I asked her to schedule a dealer to come by in case it still doesn't work. Cautiously optimistic at this point. The CSR was very helpful. I guess the previous CSR I talked to didn't diagnose properly.
Welcome to the forum. Once you get the latest software on there I think you'll be real happy with it. I have several friends with the Timberline that love it.

$4000 though?? The grill retails for $2000??

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So you spend $4,000 on a grill that sells for less than $2,000, then you join a forum of Traeger users to trash the grill you don't know how to use, haven't bothered to learn or ask for help, oh, and for which you over paid by a factor of 2.

What's your problem? Go buy another one. LOL. Sheesh, Troll much?
So the first time you fired up your new pellet grill and attempted to connect it to WiFi was on your wedding day to cook dinner at your reception? Are you still married! ?
LOL, I thought the same thing. I notice lots of these "What a waste of new posts" new person joins, never has used a Traeger before but has very detailed Traeger terminology and a huge problem that is basically trashing Traeger. ???

Funny if it was me and almost EVERYONE. I would be wondering why my TL cost 4k.
In these times I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt on the first post being a premature message of anger. With that said you should have defiantly did a test run, and also knowing it had software/updates in order to run (buying it knowingly with WiFi obviously its got a compute function) you should have tested it and cooked on it prior to such a big date. I've had nothing but great luck with support, and will continue to support Traeger as I have 2 Pro 575's that have been flawless. I hope your premature post is maybe a lesson to give a company a chance to make right before blasting. I also hope you never make a mistake that you have to correct as well and not given a chance before taking off and getting blasted. SMOKE ON
I had trouble with my T1300 connection as well. Try factory reset, clicking on "about grill" then hold ignite for 15 seconds. That did not work for mine. I had to remove the app, unplug the grill, unplug the router, open only 2.4ghz frequency on the router, reinstall app, plug in router, plug in grill and then go into app and pair the grill. Worked perfectly.
Well I looked at the timberline models, here in Canada they are $2999.00 for the 1300...