Weird temps on pork butts


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Jul 18, 2019
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Statesville NC
Pro 34
Cooking a Boston butt for myself & for a friend. Started early as I wanted to make sure it would be ready for Easter lunch.

The one labeled yours is about 8 pounds, nice rectangular cut, thick vertically with a thick fat cap.

The one labeled mine is almost 11 pounds, not as thick vertically, weirdly shaped with a very thin fat cap. Both are cooking fat side down.

I placed the bigger one over the hottest side of my Pro 34, anticipating that it would take longer to cook.

As the data tells us, though, that is not happening. Also neither piece of meat hit the stall. I always plan on a several hour long stall with butts.

So this is why I am up before 4am on Sunday morning.

I know every cut is different, yada yada, but I would love some insight & hypotheses if they are out there.

Happy Easter everyone.

As far as I understand, the stall is due to the liquifying of connective tissue and cartilage which only happens in the north of 185-190 range. I've seen long and short stalls and even drops in temperature during the stall.
Perhaps this cut was more meaty and was more efficient in breaking down the non-meat? Just a guess :)
I thought the stall was more like 145-150 and I'd say that you have the temp set too high. Most guys that I talk to smoke at around 220, you might be blowing right through the stall at that temp.
I generally do a butt at 225 to maybe 240