Using top grill grate for brisket?


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May 23, 2020
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New Zealand
PRO 780
Hi guys,
I have 2 fat briskets but the PRO 780 is not big enough, the sides will dry out and I was wondering has anyone done a smoke on thre upper grill grate and if i put one there how will temps be if put it at the same time as the brisket below?

Not sure where the sensor is on the 780 but on the Ironwood 650 it is at the height of the top rack. So I would assume that is the ambient temperature at that height for my grill.
I mean like this...

Will the upper meat smoke fine? At a similar rate to the lower?


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Sorry, misunderstood
I think there is enough air movement inside the grill with the convection of smoke/air you should be fine. Temperature difference would probably be minimal. If you were worried about it you could always switch them partway through the cook. Looks like you have them both probed so you can see if one is cooking faster
Yes, I had them side by side, the door closed and looked like they fit however the inch or so either side was drying out the edges of the meat where the heat comes up. I picked up on it just 30 mins in, so put one up top and centred the other.

Ideally I need a larger (wider) upper rack or a universal option potentially sitting a fraction lower and more in the centre.

Cant find any info on the web about anyones thoughts or feedback using the upper rack.