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Aug 1, 2019
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Nottingham, Md
Pro series 22
Just tried a small Turkey breast ( 4.5 lbs) on my Pro series 22.
Didn’t bring any leftovers home so I figured I’d give a fresh Turkey breast a whirl.
Used Adler pellets and smoked it at 225 dgrs.
Took awhile for the temp to come up to 160 dgrs. The skin was tough and it wasn’t as juicy and I thought it would have been.
I’m sure I screwed something up.
Any help on wood choice and temp settings would be greatly appreciated.
I’m a firm believer in Adler pellets, seems to go good with just about everything I’ve smoked so far.
BTW, Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all


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It looks OK, I cooked mine at 300* and all was good here.
Wrapping in foil half way through the cook (once you get the color) would allow for some extra moisture.

I used the signature blend on mine this year, did you brine the turkey breast at all? Or even inject it? Both of those make a big difference in my opinion. I also had a pan with chicken stock under my turkey (mainly to catch the drippings) but I’m sure that probably helped keep the bird juicy.
I did Brine the Turkey Breast for 24hrs.
After doing a little diggin, seems like cooking the Turkey breast at 225 dgrs the entire time may have dried it up a bit since it took so long for the internal temp to come up.
I may try 225 dgrs for an hour for the smoke, and then crank it up to 300 dgrs for the remainder of the cook cycle.
Thx much for all the suggestions and advice, still trying to get this Smokin thing down pat.