Traeger vs Rec Tec


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Feb 12, 2019
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Austin, TX
2023 Ironwood-L
Rec Tec has been really gaining in popularity lately and I believe most of that is due to do a good reputation and reviews posted online. The company is very hands on and the support seems top notch. Just wondering if anyone here was a former Rec Tec owner or has any hands on experience with them?
I bought the RT-680 many years ago. I really liked the grill. I had problems once I converted it to the Wi-Fi method. It never worked, and I spent many hours over different calls trying to get it to work. They have EXCELLENT customer service and support. Other than paying for the new controller, I never paid for any other part if I had an issue.
In case there's unspoken interest in this thread, lol, I acquired the Rec Tec RT-700 a few months after the Ironwood. Here are my brief thoughts: 1) I cannot distinguish a difference in the taste of food 2) I've had excellent customer service from both manufacturers 3) the Ironwood and the Bull perform well (technically, the Ironwood is flawless while the app for the Bull is not fully-functional) 4) I prefer using the Bull because I can see TBS (thin blue smoke) emit from the stack 100% of the time, even a tad above 300*f, yet need to bend, hover, and squint to see smoke form the Ironwood (but don't forget my comment on thought #1).