Traeger folding shelf


May 18, 2019
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Summerville, Sc
Pro 575 2019
Would someone be able to send me some good pics of the tragers add on folding shelf. Especially the mounting points.

Thanks in advance for any photos you may post..
I have the Traeger shelf and its sturdy. I wish it was about deeper because of the handle placement but overall I like it. The Traeger cover fits over it easily as well.
I still need to install mine. I'll see if I can get around to it this weekend and post pics.
Oh man that's perfect! Iam going to fabricate my own but wanted see how they designed theres.

Here a couple of additional photos. Let me know if there any other close ups that might help.




You always leave your guns laying around, LOL:ROFLMAO:
I had the dealer throw the shelf in on the purchase. Use it every smoke

Huge fan of the fold down shelf. I installed one on my Century 22 (from Costco) and also my new Ironwood 885.

It makes it super easy to slide things off and back on a tray with a grill topper.

Personally, this is something that should be standard IMHO.


Ordered the folding shelf directly from Trager (and a few other things) since they did not have it at my local HomeDepot. Should come in next week...
Love mine on my Pro 34. Not really sure how I survived a month & a half without it. Read somewhere that the insulation cover does not play nice with the folding shelf, but I have not found that to be the case. Put my cover on yesterday, and as long as you lift up the piece on the lid, the shelf goes up & down without issue.
I like my shelf. It was very easy to install. Folds up nicely. Cover fits over it no problem. 5 stars.
I like my shelf. It was very easy to install. Folds up nicely. Cover fits over it no problem. 5 stars.
Mine was delivered today and I was able to install in less than 5 minutes,, easy peasy and the cover still fits just fine
I'm seeing a lot of confusion on whether the 22 Series BAC 362 model would fit the Ironwood 650 (Bought in July this year). I would appreciate if someone could offer guidance.

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