timberline 1300 ignite startup - 2019


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Mar 21, 2019
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Gen II Timberline 1300 / Texas 34
I have a 5 year old 34 texas elite i used daily till over the weekend i picked up a timberline 1300 2019 and so far im pleased w/ the temps and etc. The only thing i'm not so sure of is when you first fire up the system. For example, set to 350 then press ignite. It takes a lot longer to get the white smoke then the heating temp rises. I have not really timed it but it feels like 15 min compared to 5 min on my Texas. Not sure if its normal or just needs to "break in" more?

Is this normal as im not sure the gen 1 did this.
Congrats on the new Timberline! My Ironwood 650 takes about 12-15 minutes to get up to temp. It takes probably 4-5 minutes just to lite. Do you start it with the lid open or closed? I was wondering if that makes a difference?
well i timed it last night, took about 15min to lite up. I made a post on FB group, few people mentioned to start at 180 and another person said to start at 180 w/ lid open. So i'm gonna try that and see.. But over all the temps hold steady and even temps from top to bottom according to biscuit test / probe tests I have done. Will report my findings on this.
My 2019 T1300 was delivered today. The initial ignition took about 10-12 minutes, which seemed normal. Once I got to the final seasoning stage, 500 degrees, of the seasoning process, it did great holding temp to within 4 degrees for the 30 minutes. Did take longer than with the 850, but hey it's a lot larger..
After a few days of smoking / cooking i can say doing the 180 degrees start up is much better than setting a higher temp. It takes about 5 min start up and up to 180 then i crank her up to whatever i need, just like my old T.
I was having issues with delayed startup - up to 29 minutes per Traeger online diagnostic testing. They replaced my firebox and hot rod. It ignites in approx. 6 to 10 minutes now.
Got a Timberline 1300 a few days ago and am having ignition problems. Can Treager trouble shoot the grill over the wifi connection? The grill takes over 20 minutes to ignite and it seems the only way it does ignite is when i open the hood. Something is definitely wrong because when it was delivered it got up to temp fairly quickly.
Traeger can definitely troubleshoot this over Wifi. It sounds like a Hotrod issue like what I was having initially. Traeger determined that my new Timberline 1300 had an old-style Firebox/Hotrod in it. Traeger sent me a new Firebox/Hotrod. My ignitions were taking approx 26 minutes per Traeger diagnostics. Now I am ignited in approx 6 to 8 minutes.
Thanks to this forum, I contacted Trager VIP 365 customer support and explaned my problem with 15 to 25 minute ignition problem. They are sending out a new fire box and rod assembly to me.

Also started having run away temperature situation and they asked if the fire box hood above it was curved down or warped. I advised yes that it looked like a saddle and they are sending a new one out as well.

Traeger = Very fast and effecient service.

Thanks Traeger!
Good to see these comments, my TL850 has been consistently taken close to 30 min to stabilize. It most often texts me a "start up failed/slow start" error. When I check the grill it's usually just spiking a temp overshoot (I ignite at 180 usually) to up to 300F before settling down to the set temp. I called tech support and they are sending me the firebox/hotrod assembly, hopefully in 5-7 days.

My firebox hood is also saddle shaped, came this way, they didn't ask about it so I guess we'll see if it matters.