The Grill Master of the Month contest begins NOW!


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Feb 12, 2019
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TraegerForum is now a little over 3 months old and the community has grown to over 135 members! I wanted to take a minute and thank everyone that has particpated to help us achieve our goal of being the #1 resource for Traeger Owners. To celebrate the early success of the site, I thought it would be fun to launch a "Grill Master of the Month" contest. The winner will receive a small prize and a special badge by their username.

How do I enter?
Simply post in this thread a finished photo of your favorite meal from the Traeger along with recipe and instructions to complete the cook. The photo included must be your photo, we encourage the photo to include your username (on a piece of paper, napkin, etc, be creative!) The recipe however can come from anywhere. We will leave this thread open for 1 week and close the thread on May 15th at 5:00pm EST. The winner will then be voted on by the TraegerForum community.
What could you win?
This month the winner will receive the Urban Accents BUTCHER SHOP Gourmet Grilling Spice Rub Set - A TRIO OF CLASSIC MEAT RUBS: Inspired by the World’s capitals of grilling, rubs collection includes: Chicago Steak & Chop, Kansas City Classic Rub and Argentina Steak Rub.

Fine print:
Only one entry per person will be allowed.
We will only ship to a winner in the United States/Canada due to shipping expenses.
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Sweet! Let's see those meals and looking forward to great receipts to try. Good luck to all!
These are Ribeyes that I had cut at Publix to 2" thick

Lightly dusted with 4 Rivers brisket rub

225 till 120 degrees

Seared on high for around 5 min per side and pulled at 140 degrees..

I extended the contest through the 15th, so now's the time with the weekend coming up to submit your photos & recipes!
Smoked bologna.
2 to 3 lb. chub of bologna
Score around the chub
Lightly rub with yellow mustard
Apply your favorite rub.
Smoke at 225 until internal temp of 160.
Slice for grilled sandwich’s


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Salt 3% + cane sugar 1.5% of the weight, rubbed on the surface and then vacuum meats and keep one week in the refrigerator, turning daily. The pieces were rinsed under the faucet and dried on paper before smoking. Smoking temp around 97-100C so that meat temp at the end 80C. Smoked with alder, smoking time approx. 5 h. Best bacon I have ever had!

Just 2 days left to enter!
I was hoping this would land around Memorial Day weekend.