Terrible experience


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Jun 8, 2020
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Ironwood 885
I purchased the Ironwood 885 on Saturday, assembled it, primed the auger and began to season. Set the temp for 350 (planning on bumping it to 500 after 15 min at temp) but the grill shut down after a few minutes. It wouldn’t power back up. The power switch on the back of the hopper is illuminated but the controller would not come on. I was told by Traeger helpline that someone would call/email me in 2 days but never heard back. I recalled and was told it was likely the controller, which is on back order and wouldn’t be available for over a month. I’ve been looking forward to getting this grill for months but now I’ll be returning it tomorrow and buying a brand that actually works.
I spent $1500 on that grill and it never worked. Now they want me to wait for 5 weeks for a replacement part? I’m gonna return it on principle if nothing else. Too many options out there to put up with this.
Have you tried taking out the controller with the 4 screws and reseating all the connectors? Maybe something got jostled during shipping.
Yes, all the connections were good and the fuse was intact
If i had to wait 5 weeks in order to even use the grill after just taking it out of the box, that's a solid Hell No for me. I would also be returning it. Wifire has its issues for some people, but if the grill cant do its basic job of turning on and smoking food its worthless. I love my Ironwood 885, but if it did the same thing when I first turned it on I would have returned it, gotten a way cheaper smoker, a large deep freeze and a LOT of meat for the equivalent in price.
Is it possible to take it back to the store and just exchange it for a working one? I have the Ironwood 650 and love it. It's a the same model I have recommended to friends & family and all of them that followed my advice love it!
Man that stinks!! My Controller knob was missing so I call Traeger and they said they couldnt just send a replacement knob they would send a new Controller so I would request more than just a new controller to make up for lost time...That's way to long to wait!!!