Smoked Chuck Roast


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Feb 12, 2019
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Austin, TX
2023 Ironwood-L
I just ran across a post on Facebook talking about Smoking Chuck Roast. Has anyone tried it on the Traeger? How does it compare to Brisket?


Put it on the top rack at 250 and let it ride until it hit an internal temperature of 200. Then I let it rest for about 45 mins before cutting into it.
I do chuck roasts more often than I do brisket, sometimes on the Ironwood. I did a couple last week (on another pellet smoker). I don't experiment with them much, so others may have a more preferred method but I use a 60/40 ratio of Kosher salt and course ground pepper with approximately 80% coverage. I smoke them between 225f-275f taking them to 165f then I pull, cube, sauce and place in a foil pan and place them back on to caramelize the sauce like burnt ends (a mix of BBQ sauce, honey, and brown sugar). Typical time for me is 5-6 hours. We've never enjoyed them yet without doing them like burnt ends but we certainly should... last week my daughter and I couldn't stop sampling them while I was cubing them ahead of adding the sauce.
Hi! Haven't tried this myself yet but I am following a Norwegian barbeque blogger and I will do one of his recipes for chuck riast prepared like brisket. I have attached a link if you are interested. The recipe is in Norwegian though (and here is your chance to pick up a word or two?).