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Apr 21, 2020
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Saint Louis, Missouri
Hi fellow BBQ enthusiasts, I was handed down a old Traeger model 124 with a front hopper. My uncle, who owned it previously said he was having issues with his temperature control not working properly. After he gifted it to me, I replaced the control board, hot rod and the thermal coupler. After replacing the parts and giving it a good scrubbing and a fresh coat of paint, I'm not having any luck with the temperature getting anywhere above 75 degrees.I can hear the motor running and the auger is spinning, but the pellets are collecting in the pot and overflowing into the bottom of the grill. I couldn't find a direct replacement for the old controller so I used a newer "universal" unit I'm not sure if that's the issue or if the hotrod is defective somehow?Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you!
I would go with the controller. My first Traeger I got from QVC, two years ago, not one problem with it at all, but I wanted the new controller with the duel temp probes. Installed it, and the only problem I had was if I ran all the pellets out to change for new ones, it would not send them fast enough, and the grill would shut down with an error. I would have to restart it, and it would get the pellets, and run non stop. I would just keep enough pellets in it when I did a change and had no problems. All of that started when I changed the controller. Open it up again, double check the harnesses, and wires. But I would really think about putting in the Traeger controller.

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