Silverton 620 no smoke / smoke flavor


Nov 24, 2020
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Silverton 620

New to Traeger and this forum. Been smoking on an electric MES with good success. Totally excited getting the Silverton 620 at Costco last week with downdraft, D2 etc., but just am not experiencing much smoke, thin blue smoke or smokey flavor. There is a whole bunch of smoke during warm up, but that’s about it. After seasoning the grill, the first cook was a roasted chicken at 375 for a couple hours - I get that is not the best smoke test, but I thought there would be some visible smoking and smoked flavor in the chicken, but it was barely noticeable. Next was a pork butt at 225 degrees, wrapped at 7 hours and approx. 10 hour total time. The butt came out with a partial smoke ring, it was not as fall apart tender as I expected and barely any smokey flavor. (my neighbors sampled it and could not tell it was smoked) Today I did a roast with a smoke tube at 180 temp set for 2 hours, then raised to 225 until the end for a total cook time of about 4 hours and finally got the flavor I was looking for thanks to the smoke tube.

With the smoke tube, I noticed smoke coming out of the grill at the sides and top of the grill, but not out of the downdraft as I thought it was supposed to since there is no smoke stack. I’ve read other posts that sound amazing and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ve also seen some post that the Silverton just does not provide much smoke flavor. It seems like a lot of money to spend on a grill to also need a smoke tube. I’m in Seattle with outside temp of 45 degrees and I used Traeger Hickory pellets for all the cooks.

I had a couple minor wiFire connection issues that cleared and minimal temperature swings during all the cooks but overall consistent temps so, do not think that was an issue and I’m glad not to have any of those problems from what I’ve read!

Is this minimal smoking and smoke flavor to be expected of Traeger? Is it a Silverton issue or what am I doing wrong? Appreciate any help and ideas anyone has!

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