Pro Tip, Timberline Grease Pan Liner issue!


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Jun 10, 2019
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Corona Del Mar, California
Timberline 850
I don't cook a lot of greasy meats so I don't see a lot of drippings in the pan, and don't need to change it often. I recently cooked a Tri Tip, there were some drippings in the pan. I pulled the pan and emptied it, but happened to notice some pits in the aluminum. I wiped the pan and held it up to the sun and could see light thru many pinholes! I looked in the grease pan drawer and sure enough there was grease in it as well, that had leaked thru the pin holes.

Here's my thoughts on why this is happening to the hidden grease pans in the Timberlines. Being under the belly drain, the drawer is subject to pellet ash blowing down into the drip pan. Ash is very corrosive, it's basically lye, and that is VERY reactive with aluminum. If your pan is lightly used like mine, it will be subject to getting these pin holes.

My solution is to spray my tray liners with Grill Spray to put a layer of oil in the pan to protect it.

Hope this helps!

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