Pro 34 auger fire

Big Chris

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Mar 13, 2020
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New York
Pro 34
Just bought my first Traeger and preformed the 45 minute season with no issues. Next day 3.5 hours into a rib smoke, at 225, the auger shaft turning into a mini flame thrower. I had a fire up the shaft almost to the pellet box.After 2 days of calling finally reached someone at Traeger who offered no advise. Whats wrong with this smoker?
Big Chris. Had the same thing just happened to me. Ruined my butt had to take it apart and unclog the auger. I too had dense smoke coming out of the hopper. I just wonder if these do this all the time ? Kinda afraid to leave it go for a long period. Of course this is a holiday weekend. Let me know if you hear any recommendations
I just had the same issue with my Pro 34. Woke up at 4am to put on a brisket-smoke coming out of hopper and bright red in barrel. 4th time using smoker. Will try to clean out hopper and auger-hope that does it.
I’ve never had happen, but though I had read about too much sawdust buildup. Or possible pellet hangup in hopper, causing more air in the auger? Trying to wrap my head around it. Can’t find the post talking about it.
Just an update:
I emptied the hopper and auger line then vacuumed out the barrel and fire pot. Restarted everything and it seemed to fix the problem. Back to normal!