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Pork butt experiment, brined no wrap


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Jul 18, 2019
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Statesville NC
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47A36442-BC07-4BAE-B48F-5C65DF888265.jpegDecided to try brining a pork butt on a cook that didn’t matter. Also decided not to crutch it as I did not have a hard time frame to meet.

Brined for 24 hours, ingredients included kosher salt, brown sugar, onion & garlic powder, chopped garlic, cracked black pepper, and a little sage & cumin.

Slathered in mustard and rubbed down. Went on at 11:30 last night, came off just before 4pm today. Let it run at 225 until I cleared the stall, then bumped it to 250 to finish. Pulled at 200 IT, & glad I did, as I barely got it off in one piece.

& one gratuitous shot of my smoking buddy, hoping I dropped something as I wrapped it for the rest. I’ll get a shot of the ring when I pull it later, and give a postmortem on whether the flavor is enhanced by the brine.


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Nice write-up and I love the pics... I prefer that almost black bark; mine has improved over the past couple months while trying the pellet but I've yet to achieve what you obtained with the bark. Great job!
Looks good. I inject mine with a food injector and like the results.
Awesome, might have to try it that way one of these days.
80D634DF-9430-424C-8845-6C55177B783C.jpegDamn it’s good. I might have to avoid wrapping them when I’m not in a hurry. Bark is amazing
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Flavor is subtle, but you can definitely tell the flavor of the brine deep in the meat. I’ll do this again. This rub recipe is a keeper as well.

I appreciate you sharing this rub! I will definitely do this on my next shoulder.