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Feb 17, 2020
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Seems I'm using a ridiculous amount. Yes I was aware that they would be more expensive then Propane, but yesterday I was making ribs on maybe my 6-8th time using the grill in total & already through another 20 lbs of pellets. I was warming the grill & temp wasn't rising & was confounded until I checked & saw an empty hopper. I just filled 20 lbs & since then probably made steaks once, burgers & a chicken 1:30-2:00 hours total max(3:00 on the outside).

I have a small Silverton from Costco.

Doing a pulled pork & brisket this week.....

Is this normal?
On average I would say I burn about 1lbs an hour or less. I currently have a thermal blanket on my Pro 575 which I believe has less double walling than your Silverton. I started a pair of butts on Saturday afternoon around 5 will a full hopper, and when I went out at 10 P.M. I had hardly made a dent in the hopper. Went out Sunday morning and I had about a half a hopper left after running all night. I don't think you can get a "fitted thermal" for the silverton, but if you are in a northern state I would recommend picking up a welding blanket to help the grill. Other things to take into account for pellet consumption is wind, weather temp, grill temp, some might say pellet brand, but there are to many variables that can change the outcome. I will say that I have went through a ton of pellets since getting into pellet grills mid summer last year, but I believe I also am cooking more now than when I was on propane.
Thanks. Am north & temps yesterday were comfortable (just above freezing). Still figuring things out.
I found it depends on the pellets and the cook temp a lot. I've burned through a 20# bag of Pitboss in no more than a couple hours at a high temp. Traeger pellets seem to burn a little slower in my opinion even at a higher temp. Also get yourself a welding blanket like what @easchmitz recommended, it may not be a lot of pellet savings, but any savings is good savings.
When I first put my treager 575 together, I couldn't wait to season it and get it ready to use. It was 25 deg outside and I did not have a blanket on the grill. It used a lot of pellets but I attributted that to the ambient tem. Since then, I have cooked Boneless chicken breast and the pellet useage was very low. Not much used. So the ambient outdoor temp has a lot to do with how much fuel is needed to maintain the temp in the grill.
I'll throw this in as well as knowledge sharing. I have only used Lumberjack 100% pellets since firing the grill for the first time. I have zero experience with any other pellet. I have used 100% Hickory, 100% Maple, 100% Apple, 100% Cherry, and a couple bags of 100% Pecan. With that being said I have used zero blends. While burning multiple pellets I haven't really seen a difference in usage passed off of which pellet I'm using. Per the main point though the major things to consider are temp and wind I think personally in consumption. Now I haven't gone scientific on it, but I've probably went through close to 75-100 bags in two Pro 575's.
When grilling at normal temps I lay a bed blanket on mine. I don't go hot with it on there though. If you use a cotton blanket you could definitely go to higher temps. I have a piece of string tied around it to stop the wind from taking it off. It's mickey mouse but it works.

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