No Stall on a 12lb Brisket


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Apr 20, 2020
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Ironwood 650
Fairly new Traeger owner. Picked up an Ironwood 650 a few weeks ago and have been very impressed with some of my cooks. After watching a couple videos from MeatChurch, HowtoBBQRight and the Traeger Livestream, I felt confident to give it a go. Night before, I trimmed, seasoned and wrapped in plastic wrap. Woke up the following morning at 4am, preheated to 250 and dropped it on as soon as it was ready. Grill grate was lifted and not in the low sear position. I did not probe it as the meat probe that was delivered with my Ironwood was damaged and gave a Bad Probe error (waiting on a replacement from Traeger).

I figured around 6 hours into my cook, i'd probe it with my Mk4 and probably would be at the 160-170 wrapping/stall point. Low and behold, I was reading already reading a 190 and some parts were already tender as the probe went in like butter. I just let it ride for another 1.5 hour to finish it at 203. I wasn't super impressed with the cook but it did turn out okay. But it was more confusing and frustrating since it was a curve ball. I know this is partially my fault since I didn't have a meat probe in but wasn't expecting this.

Anyone ever experience a no stall surprise brisket? What would be some factors to cause this?
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I just did my second brisket. 12 lbs & should have trimmed it. Rub 24 hours prior and on at 7:20 @ 225 (a small 3-4lbs pork butt too).

It took 7 hours to get to 160 & then covered in foil (added Beef Broth) and started getting antsy as was taking a long time to heat up. Increased to 250, then 275 and done in 12 hours. Came out perfect.