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Jun 17, 2019
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Hi there
I don't know if this is the right way.
I have only just joined today and am already in need of advice
I had a small piece of dry rub flat brisket in the freezer and decided to cook it for fathers day it probably weighed about 2 1/2lbs I've never cooked brisket without foiling so I thought small piece lets have a go. I used the beginners recipe in the Traeger book so I smoked it for about two and a half hours on smoke and then 225.The meat was put on at 1pm and thought ready 6 or 7, I went to bed at 1.30 am with the internal temp just about 80 basically I gave up, can anyone give some pointers as to where I went wrong? I know I didn't foil but 12 hrs for a 2-3lb piece of meat.
Welcome to the Traeger Forum @Peterk

Every time I've cooked a brisket without foil it's take a long time (~12 hours). I would guess it would take about 2-3 hours for the temp to reach about 160 degrees. I would double check the grill temp with another thermometer to see what the grill temp is during the beginning "smoke" part of the cook.
Thanks for that, on a previuos cook I put an igrill temp probe at grate height bnext to the probe it was within 10 degrees and toward the end I questioned maybe the Traeger probe accuracy and put in an instant read thermometer just before "I lost the will" to stay up again that was again with 5 gegrees.
I contacted my supplier who got Traeger uk to get hold of me they did within a couple of hours brilliant service and hopefully we are going to get someone come take a look at the smoker.
I haven't checked the grill temp on smoke I could do that but when I turned the temp up to 225 the food probe temp was about 105 after 2.5hrs
I used 5-6 hoppers of wood which he said wasn't right and when it demanded pellets the temp drop was down as low 190f.
when I went home after work yesterday I unwrapped the meat from two towels and two layers of tin foil it was tough but not as bad as I was expecting however you would have thought two and a half hrs on smoke and then 225 and 12 hrs cooking there would be a nice smoke ring and bark none of that although like I said edible.
as a foot note we generall have coolere temps here could the "blanket" be of any help?