NEW Pro 575 Owner - putting it together tomorrow


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Jan 18, 2020
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Stockbridge, GA
Pro 575
First time pellet grill owner. Switching from Propane grill and so excited. I may be able to actually start grilling / smoking more than hamburgers and steaks (both always well done with flare ups). I know i have to do an initial burn in . Starting out with Reserve Blend pellets. and GrillGrates. Before mother-in-law comes over for steaks, suggestions for a newbies first attempt or two with using the Pro 575? Thanks!
Welcome aboard. Just remember, if you're looking, you're not cooking. ? Pick some simple recipes to start. I found that I needed less seasoning and a bit longer smoke/grill time when I made the switch. Have fun... that's the key. ?
Welcome to the forum and to Traeger grilling. I have the same model as you for about two months now and love it. Probably my favorite thing I have done is the Whole Smoked Chicken by Dennis the Prescott. You can find the recipe on the Traeger app. You will love this recipe.
Welcome to the Traeger's Owner Club @HCSO821 - How are you liking the new grill?
OK, as in all my projects, I did not meet my time frame for getting my new grill put together. But can NOW say as of 2 days ago, it is ready to be fired up! FINALLY. Only took a month. So before i cook on it i know i need to do an initial burn in and seasoning. i'm assuming both need to be done? or are they actually the same thing, just slightly different procedures?
I believe it is the same thing. If I recall it is setting the grill to 350 and waiting for it to reach temp. Then turning it up to 450 and letting it reach temp. Don’t trust my memory, all the initial burn info should be in your setup instructions. Good luck!
burn in is the "seasoning" I've seen some people spray oil on the grates for the burn in and they said this was the seasoning and it helps with making your food not stick. Not sure why to be honest, you'll have to do that with every cook before hand AND make sure you dont light your grill on fire due to additional grease.