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Apr 20, 2020
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Pro 570
Hello, I just purchased my first Traeger which is a Pro 570. I am having an issue with it connecting. When I first started it up and tried to connect it to the wifi it said it was connected and it was doing an update. Now it is stuck on downloading files. It says its connected to my network but it is still downloading files. It has been on and stuck on that for 2 full days now. It won't connect to my phone I'm assuming because it is still working on the update or something. The grill works fine but I'm getting frustrated with the wifi part. I've tried unplugging it and it still says that under wifi information. Any suggestions?
Which phone do you have..
What version of the app are you on?
No. It always says unable to connect to grill. I tried the reset where you hold the ignite button while in the about menu but it didn't really reset anything. It just turned off and when I turned it back on nothing changed.
This is what its been stuck on for 2 days now.


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I would try to shut of the grill, and wait a few minutes, and then starte it again.
And see what happens.
I unplugged it and let it sit for about 30 minutes and it still says the same thing.
Try putting it in sales demo mode, last options in settings menu.

Or try this:
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I reset my router and the grill and got it to go back to showing its own network name. Now it still won't connect to my phone. It is still saying unable to connect when I try to do it. I've Uninstalled the app twice and nothing.
I finally got it to work! I couldn't say for sure how I did it but I believe the issue is with the phones app permissions. It kept asking what network to pair with the grill but it would only give me the option to use the traegers network. After a few attempts I had it try to pair with the traeger network then went into settings and changed it back to home network really quick and it went through. I guess we will see how long this works. 30th time is a charm I guess.
Nice! I found I’ve had to forget the Traeger network in the past to get it to work.