New 850 and have some (hopefully) quick questions


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Mar 1, 2020
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Santa Rosa, CA
Timberline 850
Hello everyone, I just got my new 850 over the weekend and had some questions I'm hoping you all can answer:
  • I initially (accidentally) opened the 850 Gen 1 manual online instead of the 850 D2 manual for the 850 I just purchased. When I was reading the Gen 1 manual I noticed it mentioned priming the grease tray, but this section doesn't exist in the D2 manual, nor does it look the same in order to do it. Just curious what others think about priming the grease tray and whether it is just not necessary on the D2 or whether they messed up in the manual?
  • For other Timberline owners, do you leave yours in Standby mode? Is there harm in doing so? I switched mine off after shutdown but was curious regarding the value, if any, of standby mode
  • In the seasoning the grill section of the manual it talks about priming the auger for the initial run only. Though, I was curious if this needs to be done again following a thorough cleaning and vacuuming out of the entire grill?
That's it for my questions. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
Hi NM and congrats on your Timberline! I hope you don't mind me offering my input since I don't have the Timberline - mine is the Ironwood. I can't speak about the grease tray and I won't offer feedback with regard to leaving the unit in standby mode because I don't feel comfortable keeping outdoor electrical items plugged-in when not in use.

If a thorough cleaning includes emptying your auger then you would need to repeat the prime. If you clean your unit but don't run the auger to remove the pellets then a prime is not necessary.

Good luck
I leave my 1300 in standby mode all the time. I did build a shelter for it.
I have had both the original TL850 and the D2 model. You don't need to prime the grease tray (I was confused about that too when I got the D2) and I often leave the 850 in standby mode. It is covered from rain/snow and plugged into a GFI outlet so I personally see no harm in it. Yep no need to reprime the auger after initial setup unless you had to clean out the auger of pellets after some sort of problem.
I have a Gen 1 850, and can say with experience that priming the grease trap with water pretty much doesn't work. The water will either evaporate from the cook or in my case, evaporate from the crazy dry air in Colorado. I'm about to permanently remove the cap as it serves very little purpose aside from getting clogged.
I keep my 850 plugged in and "off" 24.x7 This allows the firrmware to still update when sitting idle.
As for re-priming the pot after cleaning, I've never primed. This is mainly because the auger length is full of pellets from the last shutdown. In a new setup (or if pellets were run dry) this auger wouldn't be loaded with pellets and the priming is ncessary.

Thanks to everyone for your helpful replies! It is much appreciated! I've been loving my Timberline 850 and had many successful and delicious meals as a result :)