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Mar 7, 2020
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Ironwood 885
Just got my first Traeger, gifted from a family member. Could not get it to work, so I spend an hour with Support. Turns out my model is a Beta version and the control unit is bad. They don't have replacement parts, but swear up and down I can find one online. Anybody ever had this issue or know what to do? The grill has only been used once.
Hi Bigler. Is it the Ironwood 885 for which you need a controller, or some other model? I don't have experience sourcing parts but did you get any guidance from CS, such as whether or not the D2 controller will mate-up with yours?

It may also prove beneficial to share the symptoms (after all, depending on the issue is could be possible for a misdiagnosis just from a phone call).
I have an Ortech TR-100 control unit from my 22 series I'm willing to sell if that would help you out. A model # of your unit would help, or if you could post a photo here.
Thanks for the info. Just to clarify, my particular model is an international model and was a beta test model. The current control module gives an error code "OEL Failed" or something similar. We couldn't tell on the display what the first three letters were. It won't ignite and it shows WiFi is connected on the grill, but never on the phone. I was told by Traeger that there are beta model control replacements out there, but I cannot find any. I didn't get clarification if current Ironwood 855 C2 control module will work in this model.
My model is Ironwood 855 with Wifire and the control is C2.
Welcome to the forum. They wouldn't sell you just a regular D2 controller replacement?
I was told it had to be a Beta version D2 Controller. I just want to see if anyone has had any issue like this before.

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