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My new T850 is as close to Perfect as can be


Dec 10, 2019
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I owned a 75 for 10 years and by the time I gave it away (last month) about the only things not modded out were the Drum and the Legs. I put in down drafts, replaced all the metal inside, installed a PID controller, swapped out the fan for higher rpm and on and on. I used the Trager Blanket for a good part of the year to help stablilize temps. It really was cooking well once I was done....

Guess what, the T850 has addressed every one of my MODS up front. So far, I have spatzcocked chickens, done baby backs and st louis cut ribs, done multiple pork butts, done 2 briskets and done a turkey (first month). The t850 is predictable and fully manageable. I like the smoke level.

It is just great and I am pleased

It sure is lonely out here. A great chance to just put down some observations. Yeah the pellet release needs a chute. Trager, if you are out there, put a second bottom opening flap inside the door (hinged to the inside of the box with a piano wire hinge. Open the outer door, the inner door (chute) will drop by gravity and stop at the perfect dumping angle. About a dollar I would guess. I may have to mod it out myself. Pop rivet the piano hinge to the floor of the pellet box, and let the chute rest against the door. Filling pellets will put all the pressure needed to drop it when the outer door is opened. I might even put a little return spring on the chute that would return it when there is no more pellet weight on it.
Not my first Traeger mod rodeo.

I am not sure what the screen in the hopper is doing. Maybe lawyered in to keep us burners from hand mixing in an additional flavor pellets during a cook. I was going to add some hickory to the pecan rib cook last weekend, but, the screen stopped me from even trying. Have to clear a channel by hand then pour in the new flavor.

Ok, that's all for now. Swmbo is calling.

great day to all.

I removed the screen and am living life on the edge. ?.
I was going to add some hickory to the pecan rib cook last weekend, but, the screen stopped me from even trying.

Congrats on your Timberline; I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Some of us remove the two screws from the guard, remove the guard, re-secure the screws, and then rest the guard in place and remove it when we need access (or I suppose some folks may remove it permanently). I can understand the logic behind the guard; when you look into the pellet-filled hopper there could be an absentminded moment of forgetting about the auger. Well, at least I might fall into that camp.
bfletcher, I am a +1 on sticking my hands down by the auger. Per above, I am not above hand burrowing down to just above the working auger and depositing a cup or 2 of hickory or mesquite pellets to "sweeten" the mix. That's a great idea on just laying it back on top. but I will probably just remove it if it is only there as a safety shield.
Anybody think the screen has anything to do with pellet flow?

thanks to all who make this forum great.

v/r arcee
I removed the screen and am living life on the edge. ?.
I was having issues with Traegar about emptying the pellets, but i have a Craftman shop vac that i use for cleaning but reversing the hose to a blower works great and blows the grill clean
Congrats on the T850! Glad to hear it's working well for you!