Meat grades


May 6, 2019
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So a new local butcher shop opened up literally 30 seconds from my house. Very convenient, however, I went in yesterday just to walk through and see prices and none of their beef was graded. I talked with the guy for awhile and he seemed pretty legit. I finally asked him so are these considered prime cuts or choice or what I don’t see any gradings or usda stamps. The guy told me they don’t pay to have their beef graded because it’s all locally sourced from a farmer (who I happen to know and his cows are all fed an organic diet) and he would challenge me to put any stores prime cut next to his. To give credit to him all the meat had great color, marbling, and fat content. He even told me he’d trim my briskets to how I wanted and then charge me the final weight price. He said some places will try and charge you full price and then trim it and not weigh it again if you aren’t paying attention. Any experience with buying non graded meat? Guess it makes me nervous initially. Thanks!
Local butcher. Local meat. Looks good. I’d try it.
Kinda what I was thinking. A 12-13 lb brisket was about $50 so prices are comparable to the Costco I normally get brisket from.