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March 2020 - Smoke of the Month - Enter Now!


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Feb 12, 2019
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Austin, TX
2023 Ironwood-L

The March 2020 Smoke of the Month contest is live! The weather is warming up and prime time smoking season is upon us. What better way to kick off the month of March then with an all new Smoke of the Month contest. So fire up your Traeger and smoke away!

How do I enter?
  1. Post in this thread a photo of your favorite cook on the Traeger. The photo included must be your photo! It's not required, but we prefer the photo to include your username (on a piece of paper, napkin, etc, be creative!)
  2. Include a simple write up of the recipe along with cooking instructions.
  3. We will leave the contest thread open for 10 days.
  4. After that we will open up the voting and allow the community to vote for the winner!

The winner's photo will be featured on our website and receive a special "Smoke of the Month" badge!

Good Luck to all!
Bump for Super Tuesday!
Is this being postponed due to the corona virus also? Lol
Back ribs on a Saturday for dinner! 321 method at 220f with SS for the first 3 hours. Spritzed with water/acv every half hour. Wrapped with butter, dark brown sugar, honey drizzle and an additional rub shake. I used Meat Church on both racks, honey hog on one and Holy Gospel on the other. I love the holy gospel on ribs, fantastic flavor. Half of each rack got a nice covering of Sweet Baby Rays Hickory and brown sugar and I used Pitboss Competition blend pellets. Sorry I don’t have finished pictures as they didn’t last long once they were ready ????

All the resturants and bars are shut dowun n Ohio until further notice. Guess I'll have time to improve my Treagering...