Deal Alert! Lumber Jack Pellets Sale


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Feb 12, 2019
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Austin, TX
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Dick's is having a sale on Lumber Jack Pellets. Buy One Get One 50% Off. Also Today Only you can an extra $20 off if you spend $100. Awesome price for Lumberjack fans!

That's a pretty good deal, especially in our area that doesn't have a lot of availability. 200 lbs shipped free for $93. Pit Boss competition blend from Lowes is still less expensive, but LJ seems very highly regarded. I might pick up some of the 100% hickory which I cannot find locally.
I started shopping these at Dicks website, and then realized, they do free shipping after a certain amount. So they obviously built it into the price. As it was nowhere as good of a deal as our local Runnings store.

I do think this is great for those of you who do not have local retailers of these pellets as it's a good option with included shipping.

On the flip side, if you have a Runnings Store anywhere near you, the standard price on 20lb bags of competition blend and a few others is $8.99/20lb Apple is a bit more expensive at $12.99/20lb.
Ruralking has a special on the LumberJack Grill Pellets for ONLY $4.99/bag!!

I noticed on the facebook groups, Dicks was price matching these with free shipping on orders over $50. They lost their butts so bad, they finally pulled the product off the site.

Good luck to those in those central states with these stores. It's a great buy!!
ha,, that's funny about Dick's pulling the product. We need these stores in Texas!

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