Ironwood XL slow warmup.

I gave CS another try today, what a disaster! So the CS agent wanted to do another cook, after spending 4 hours cleaning it and a trip to the car wash to clean the grease pan and the grills I was a bit worked up when I called.
I started the grill, and before the grill got over ambient temp while on the vid I decided to wire in my Fluke meter to show, both them showed the same up until the point where the grill heated up. We got to 300f and the agent said she seen enough and decided to even the vid. Hang on a sec I want to show you something, my fluke meter showed 170deg and the grill showed 300f. I had my phone setup on both temp readings for the whole vid. If the grill was at a true 300f I should not see this much smoke coming out nor should the lid be this cold, and I held my hand on the lid. Now half way through the vid I noticed the fan speed drop right off to nothing, she also noticed the same.
Fast forward a bit, I tried to explain how ohms and how thermocouples read because she wanted to replace the thermocouple again, I said there was nothing wrong with the old one because the old and the new ohmed the same. She said she could not used the third party thermometer die to company policy, and I explained how come when I use my third party meter on my 885 it’s within 20-30deg. My grill is experiencing lots of grease and creosote buildup which is due to cold grill box temps. It took two hours lastnight from startup to finish, cooking small chicken breasts, at 500f. Still no response but they cannot use the third party thermometer. Again I explained, how come my meater probe and fluke meter read the same, your controller temp scale is off. She replied that i am opening the lid to many times during warmup. Didn’t think of it at the time, but I thought of past instances where the temp stalled at warm up and I opened the lid to fool the controller that it need to feed more pellets which worked but after a bit she hung up on me.
I was going to leave it alone but said screw it I called right back and asked for the supervisor, she was very stand offish with me, saying the grill is larger and it will take longer to heat up. I replied this grill is so inconsistent I do not trust it, why does it heat up to 450 in 20 min and other times it takes over 40min at the same ambient start temp something is wrong.
She barked back that I open the lid to many times on a warmup, explained the same thing I explained to the other agent and she said you had to do that 9 times today. Woah wait a minute here! What did you say, she repeated that I opened the lid 9 times and some of the times it was over a min. I laughed and said “well now we are getting somewhere”! (Interesting note on the hopper lid in the above comment) That supposed cook your accusing me of opening the lid was during a recorded vid with one of your agents. I only lifted the lid once at 69deg to put in my third party temp probe. The vid is there watch it. Long pause, no answer from her, so I asked how many lid openings have you seen in, The last three months on warm up. I have been accused of this lots in the past, and I have not been opening the lid, but when I do open the lid I notice the fan speed slow right down. She is sending me a new lid sensor.
Now I follow a bunch of traeger grill masters and decided to get in touch with a few about these new grills being a pain to clean, and the slow warmup times. One replied, those XL grills do not get used as much as the older grills just for the reason you mentioned, he gave me a tip on how to line the grease pan with foil, which I already did to my grill.

Long story short guys and gals, I believe that traeger knows they have a issue with their grills and are falling back on the grill is much larger than the old ones message.
Man I hate to hear that. I’m sure you’re not the only one that’s experienced this and I completely agree all this needs to be in the manual. I’ve got a 780 Pro and it doesn’t effect anything by opening the pellet lid or even leaving it open. I have a big group of people I’m associated with that cook a lot, some do it professionally. A few guys have other friends that are all talking about how Traeger’s quality has really been going downhill and they are switching to other brands and can’t believe how much better they are. I’ve had my hands on a Yoder lately but it’s not mine to own and I can’t share pictures or much on here by an agreement. I will say technology is changing and it’s going to be interesting who comes out on top. Some really good pellet grills on the market these days so hopefully you’ll find one that works for you. If you don’t go back with Traeger hang around on here and share your cooks and thoughts with us.
It is sadly gratifying to hear of others who are experiencing the same difficulties I've had with my Ironwood 650. I thought I was the only one have these issues. After quite a few months, the Traeger folks agreed to replace mine and a new one arrived in its packing crate. Traeger picked up the old unit and, I was told, took it to the landfill. Seems like a waste to me.

I am leaving my new unit crated up as my patience with the brand has worn out. I write this with disappointment because, as others have said in this thread, Traeger products of today seem not to measure up to their products of not very long ago. I'm giving some consideration to donating it to the local high school band boosters or other worthy charity, but I am having second thoughts because I am uncomfortable donating what may prove to be a defective appliance.

Traeger is relatively small in the corporate world and I wish them well, but they absolutely have to do better than this if they are to be successful. I hope they will and I hope they are able to come up with a viable solution for their existing customer base.

(Currently, I am smoking a bourbon-pepper glaze marinated tri-tip on my old wood-fired pit barbecue. Dang! It smells terrific!)
Carefully line it so the holes on the edge are not covered and cut out the hole for the grease trap. Why traeger went away from the liners is beyond me. It does not affect the grill’s cooking ability, used it twice already.
Well traeger is sending me another part to try, I asked them to replace the grill but I guess a complete hopper with board and controller is what they want to do. I am skeptical this will solve the temperature scaling issue. I had a cold temp error on startup again, not surprised considering it’s getting cold out, same problem came full circle when I brought it home in the spring.

At this rate I will be able to build a second grill with all of the parts they sent me.🤦🏻‍♂️
Well I can confidently say lining the grease pan with foil is definitely helping with the grease buildup and I have not noticed a difference in performance. It’s starting to look like my 885 inside, The lid and back wall are starting to dry out and no evidence of grease dripping on my deck from the exhaust.
Well my brother just told me he had a incident with his timberline XL. He was smoking his turkey and when he needed to turn it up to 350, the temperature fell to 160 and stay there for awhile, he was entertaining guests and forgot about it until something ignited and blew the lid open on the grill, thats a heavy lid and he said it scared the hell out of them the noise it made. I told him to report it to CS.
Well after me contacting a very important person at Traeger, I am getting a full grill replacement, which After all of the parts I installed on the other one, I feel it will not help the problem.
It was -8c the other day and the grill took almost a hour to reach 425f.
Well after me contacting a very important person at Traeger, I am getting a full grill replacement, which After all of the parts I installed on the other one, I feel it will not help the problem.
It was -8c the other day and the grill took almost a hour to reach 425f.
Traeger replaced the grill that I had when I was experiencing the same problem with the temperature. The new grill is sitting in its original shipping carton in my garage and will be donated to a charity so that whoever wins it at auction can take on the problems of irregular heat in Traeger grills.
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Sadly, I have completely given up on my Traeger Ironwood XL, it is a good smoker. It is absolutely not a grill and yet they continue to market it that way.
Well after me contacting a very important person at Traeger, I am getting a full grill replacement, which After all of the parts I installed on the other one, I feel it will not help the problem.
It was -8c the other day and the grill took almost a hour to reach 425f.

I'd like to know if these replacement grills are fixing the problem. I'm really hoping it was just a bad initial batch of grills that were produced.
I should have given a little bit more detail, before giving up I was on the phone with two different “level 3 “supervisors, both of which, when they looked at the data said that for this unit those heat up times are absolutely normal.
When I asked them, why did they replace my first Trager? The response I received was that they were placed it because of the stripped screws in the pellet hopper, so I was unable to change the lid sensor. To this, I replied the purpose of changing the lid sensor was because you guys felt that this is why it was, slow to heat up, they kept disagreeing and said they gave me a new unit because of the strip screws to that. I said that if there were stripped screws, but the unit was working normally why would you bother changing it because those screws are irrelevant. To that they went back and said , the heat up times are normal and it is OK to allow a steak to sit for 30 to 40+ minutes resting while I heat up the unit for the reverse sear. Even though the second unit produced this same data as the first and the replaced the first one.
I even pointed out the fact that one of their first level support the video to document heat up times, first I had to set the grill to 185°, which it was supposed to reach within a certain amount of time, it never got above 165°, and then the second part of the test was to heat it up to I believe 350° again which it did not reach for 30+ minutes. Even with video evidence with their support staff using their software to access my phone for video they stood pat that this is normal.
Fortunately, the local business that I purchased the unit from completely understood, and stood by their service so they took the unit back.
This soured my experience so much that I went to a weber summit S670 and couldn’t be happier.
I'd like to know if these replacement grills are fixing the problem. I'm really hoping it was just a bad initial batch of grills that were produced.
Well I opted for a regular ironwood, I kept hearing the XL’s are so big you need to be patient and allow it to warm up, ok ok, when I was on the phone with CS about the grill replacement it took a hour to warm up to temp at -8 ambient. I asked why do I want another XL if I have the risk of the same issue happening.
So traeger did send me a XL, but I traded it for a regular sized new style ironwood at my dealer today. Of course the smaller grill performed way better than the XL on a very similar season startup seasoning and ambient temp, etc.
I personally believe the programming is the same between both grills from what I witnessed tonight, and the reason the XL’s struggle to warm up. Something I have been trying to tell traeger since I started this thread on my original's XL purchase.

Now do I dare check to see what the fire box temperature is with my third party thermometer?

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