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Sep 11, 2019
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Portland, Oregon
Ironwood 885
Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded to an Ironwood 885 this past weekend after owning a Pro Series (Gen 1) for a few years. The old model worked great but always leaked smoke from the lid. I wasn't a huge fan of the smoke escaping but thought this was just how they worked. After reading some other forums I decided to seal the lid with LavaLock which worked great. I didn't think I would have to seal the Ironwood but after this weekend it's very clear that the lid must be sealed. After doing some research I found this video:

I was going to seal up the Ironwood with LavaLock, but after seeing this video I'm not sure. What's your take?

I have the same issues with my 650. I placed credit cards, loyalty cards and plastic shims around the grill and photographed the lid perimeter. I sent the pictures along with a full description of my take on the situation. to service. I was told they'd send me an updated hinge assembly. I questioned whether a hinge assy would take care of this issue but agreed to give it a try. The hinge assembly was of course on back order as was the replacement controller. I received the Traeger bribe of 2 sauces and 2 rubs in a week.
I really like my ironwood but I am growing weary of someone blowing smoke up my fundament. There is no continuity and each re[p has a different story. I did solve my controller issues the same way we all did, mostly through our own due diligence . More thanks to the members on this forum than the herds of not very competent Traeger Service Reps on that one. We pulled together and helped each other, this forum has an abundance of multi talented members.
That said, we should hold Traegers feet to the fire until we get an answer. Not bribes or BS to buy an extra 2 weeks . I finally received the hinge assy this week. It's no different than the one already on the grill.
I have the same happening on mine and even shows smoke 'stains' (I am sure they will clean off) on the stainless steel shelf to the left. I can't say it has notably impacted cooking and aside from the cosmetics of it don't have too much of an issue to it, however, as the lid on the Timberline is fully gasketed Traeger obviously see some benefit in having a gasket. I will probably add a gasket myself as many seem to have, but it's another knock on a very expensive grill.
The flaky CS messaging does really irk me, if they don't have answers they should state so and escalate rather than making up stories.
I have the same issue with my 885. I'll be looking forward to hearing how the new lid works for stopping the heat and smoke escaping. As a side note, have you been able to determine whether or not you really get more smoke with super-smoke mode? I've tested mine and I actually see more visible consistent smoke not using SS. Just curious about your experience.
Add another customer to the list of defective lids.

I have the Ironwood 885 - gap on the grease bucket side, replacement lid sent, arrived BENT, 2nd replacement lid on the way but back ordered to late Sept, early October. Seems every replacement part is always backordered.

I have a lavalock gasket kit ready and waiting, it would probably fix my current lid, but its the principal of the matter. A $2,000cdn unit should not have manufacturing defects.

My previous unit, a pro 22, sealed without issue.
I used Lavalock on my Ironwood 650 lid, and it works great.
I have no doubt the lava lock will work great, the question is, why does a premium product require aftermarket parts to function optimally?
Traeger has agreed to send me a new lid. Unfortunately it will not become available until 9/29, expect 3 days shipping after that. No bribes were offered or taken.

After reading many comments it would appear that it will not make a difference. I’m ok with that, kind of. On one hand, paying this kind of money and seeing that much smoke exhaust from the lid sucks. On the other however, the fix is easy. LavaLock’d it a couple days ago and it worked perfectly. No lid smoke. Almost like Traeger excepted you to seal it. So, should a $12 easy fix be done by me or Traeger?

Answer: Traeger.

Marcus - yes, denser smoke for sure. The SS mode produces much more of a “clean smoke” effect over a longer period of time. Not sure if heavy smoke for a shorter period or clean smoke for longer period works better but that’s what happening.

Barricade - can’t believe your pro 22 sealed
w/o and issue. Nice.
Completely airtight no, I agree. The door seal should be relatively tight. For the premium pricing charged, pellet grills shouldn't be belching smoke from around the door perimeter. The older more inexpensive models had a very tight and well fitting door, Reading the literature, you 'll find that they mention a specific airflow pattern, the amount my 650 leaks may have an effect on any air pattern. The discharge air is at the rear about 1/2 down the barrel at the rear not the door perimeter.

Apart from any airflow issues with the barrel, the leaks cause the front of the barrel and the accessory shelf to be uncomfortably hot and discolouration of the paint is present. The upgrade model (Timberline) has a fully gasketed door.

Also, I would hope that all of the grills out there don't have a similar leak , Cooking burgers last night it did keep the bugs at bay.
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Mr Fletcher I take offence to your tone. You have no idea the amount of leakage or any other issues that myself and others may have. My unit cost 1600, not $1000 You have 3 messages on the site and the last 2 are critical. I am very happy that you are content, can we leave it at that?
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Sorry, but we are not flying men to the moon with our thousand-dollar units. Who established the rule that we should not see some smoke around the door perimeter? And why would we not expect a piece of metal connected to a piece of metal connected to a firebox to be hot? Come-on, guys; we have bigger fish to fry.

Your sarcasm aside... To answer your question: My previous $800cdn pro 22 sealed fine by the door, the $3,000cdn timberline seals the door, my Ironwood $2,000cdn has a gap and does not seal, its a sign of rushed manufacturing or flawed design. Why defend what is a clear flaw?

Will it stop it from working? no, will it impact stable temps, and fuel consumption, yes.

It is an easy fix, Traeger should be sending the ironwood owners a gasket to as a work around, or perhaps have an upgrade program. Either way, the consumer should not be on the hook to fix the flaw/defect.
upgrade model (Timberline) has a fully gasket-ed door == that is how marketing work ...they use these tiny things to differentiate the Timberline vs the Ironwood .... to lure a few pple that are willing pay more $$ for the "best of the best"
(not sure if they even know how to cook, while other can make great food out of their tin can smoker in their backyard)

Just enjoy your food instead of get upset that you are leaking a little of smoke.
The can/door are metal, so it will leak some smoke eventually even if you have have a prefect fit now.
Using gasket is the only sure way to fix this if this bother you that much. Gasket glue will fail ..and you have to change it.

Get a Timerline =)

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