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Jan 14, 2024
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Mount Juliet, TN
Hi. As it urns out the new Ironwood even with the shelf removed will not quite fit in my outdoor space. The Ironwood 650 will. So I'm curious to hear anyone's thoughts and/or experiences with the Ironwood 650. Thanks in advance.
IMG_3107.jpegI absolutely love my Ironwood 650. I have had zero issues with it. Like most Traegers, the thermometer has some crazy temp swings but I have a MEATER to get around it. I have zero issues with it losing any kind of connectivity and it holds temp well due to double insulation. To clarify, it is double insulated on the barrel, just not the door so it helps with pellet consumption.

The pellet drop on the back of the hopper is nice but it’s kind of a pain to use without pellets going everywhere. I just bought a magnetic dump lip extension to get the lip out over a bucket. It costs like $12 on Amazon.

The reason I got the Ironwood 650 is because it has a lot of features the models under it don’t have. For instance, the pellet monitor is an absolute life saver. The 500 degree temperature is accurate, I hit 500 whenever I want. I was able to get 560 surface on my grill grates. You can drop the bottom shelf a notch lower to get it really close to the slanted drip tray. It also has 2 little hooks on the back of the legs to hold your top rack for storage if you choose to only cook on the bottom shelf.

This is my first and only pellet grill I have ever owned. I went from a Kamado Joe to this because of a progressive disability. Honestly, you won’t get the same flavor however, there are all kinds of tricks to ramp up the flavor. Pellet tubes are a great and inexpensive way to do it. Again, about $12 on Amazon.-

Here are some random pictures of random stuff I have pulled off of it. I love mine now because I am getting everything out of it that is possible. This is a great place for advice. I’ve only had this grill since August of 2023… look at the inside of the lid 😀 You can tell I use it fairly often. In case you were wondering, that’s a Field Brand #6 skillet. Also, my dogs survived 😂

PS I added the front fold down shelf. Also, I have no idea what I screwed up with the pics. Hopefully they are coming through okay


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