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Ironwood 550 first smoke


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May 8, 2019
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Just bought the Ironwood 650 and was stoked to try it out and get smoking. Tried the 3-2-1 baby backs. First 3 hours were supposed to be at 180, then 225 the rest of the way. The 650 couldn’t hold 180 at all. Got to 161 and stayed there for the first hour and a half. Never opened the door. I tinkered with the temp setting to see if I could warm it up and then control it from there. It needed 230 just to climb above 170.uc browser shareit appvn Come to find out that at the 230 setting, it holds 230 just fine. Anything below that, even 225, it will hold a temp 20 to 30 degrees less than the setting. I feel like that’s the sweet spot for smoking and on a convenient smoker like the Traeger I’d expect it to at least try to get back to the set temp.
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Welcome! I have the same issue. 230 and above is rock solid but 225 and below is not. Traeger has been holding me off for 2 weeks with an update. They keep telling me it's coming but I think they don't have the update ready as of yet. Hang tight they will sort it out.
Welcome to the forum @jasonjacob - We'll be sure to post news here as soon as the new update for the controller comes out or you can keep an eye out here: https://www.traegergrills.com/wifire-controller-change-log

I noticed my Ironwood 650 has a hard time climbing back to temp if it's 10-30 degrees less then what it's suppose to be. If the temp needs to climb more than 30 degrees, it has no problem heating back up to the dialed in temperature.

How did the baby backs come out?