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Apr 23, 2020
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Ironwood 650
Hello All-
I just got my new Ironwood 650 today and grilled some chicken breasts and a killer coffee rub ribeye. My only concern is that when timers were done on the app or the probe reached temp - there wasn’t an alarm on my phone- do I just not have my app settings right? Let me know and thanks for your help
Click on your profile picture in the App & go into settings and make sure Push notifications are on and the same in your iPhone settings under notifications.
Mine were all working (finally) until the new app update was rolled out. I have everything set for on in the app and in notifications, but all I got alerted about on my last cook was the alert that shutdown had completed.
Since the App update, the only time my phone provides Notifications is when the app is not open and/or the screen locked, and those are only visual notifications ... I do receive vibration notifications on my Apple Watch, but again, only if the app is not open or the screen on the phone is locked
As of Friday (4/1), all of my notifications started working correctly in the new app.
Firmware 02.01.00
After new app update my phone will connect to my pro780. After 2:34 minutes on hold with CS I gave up. I have the latest iOS. I’ve deleted and reinstalled app, restarted iPhone, hit “forget network” on grill and then tried to reconnect multiple multiple times. I get the grill connected to my WiFi then it downloads new files, the does a “finalization” alert then I get to nickname my grill then it says “Grill Offline.” I’ve done these steps with QR code and by manually entering info for the past week or more. App won’t connect to grill. I might have to sic Frylock on Traeger.

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