installed pellet sensor in Silverton 620


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May 20, 2020
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Seattle, WA
Silverton 620
hey guys, just wanted to report back after I installed a pellet sensor in my 620 last night.

installation was a breeze (way to go Traeger, thinking about attaching that connector harness on the grommet!) and I found how easy it is to remove that honeycomb pellet guard. I've decided to leave that screen out not only for convenience of moving those pellets down into the auger well that need a little coaxing but also because it seems to interfere with the sensor accurately reading levels.

because I had a hard time getting the grill to pick up my wifi after cycling power once before, I did not unplug the unit before installing the sensor, despite the instructions saying to do so. that may or may not have contributed to the difficulty of getting the grill controller to recognize the sensor. I got the message "No pellet sensor detected" when I tried to go and calibrate it. a simple cycling of the power solved that problem and as soon as I woke up the grill after that, the display immediately asked if I wanted to calibrate the sensor. all good after that. but that power cycle also required a router restart to kick wifi in the butt so the grill would find the network. oh well, it's a small hoop I have to jump through and I consider myself lucky that my connectivity issues aren't more difficult.

I was surprised at the relative accuracy of the level readout, especially after removing the pellet guard. obviously, if anyone else feels the need to remove that safety would be wise to steer clear of the auger while the grill is operating! although, visions of the steam roller gag in Austin Powers where the soldier is standing in front of the slow moving roller screaming, "Noooooo" comes to mind. That auger moves SO slowly, you would need to hold a finger in it's path for a few seconds to experience it's power!

all in all, I think it's a great accessory and I'm glad to have it. the onboard controller alarm for low pellets is much louder than the timer alarm notification, which I appreciate. this is just a PSA and I get no compensation from anyone but I thought I'd conclude saying that I got my sensor from Jeff Bezos for just over $70.

let me know if you have any questions :)