How to Replace the Firepot/Hotrod assembly


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Jun 10, 2019
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Corona Del Mar, California
Timberline 850
I had startup issues, generally mine would give a "failed to ignite" error every time. It would actually ignite, but when set to 180F it would take about 20min, then error, then fire up and overshoot to about 300F before settling down. I called Traeger support and they agreed that it was probably the Hotrod igniter. They sent the whole Firepot/Hotrod as a unit, in about two weeks.

I had asked about how to install it and they said that the pot just came out with 4 thumb screws. This turned out to Not be the whole story. I removed the thumb screws but the firepot was trapped by the hotrod wires.

I couldn't find any instructions so here's the procedure I did to replace this assembly;

The new Firecup/Hotrod comes with a new two pin extension cable, and 4 new thumb screws.

1- Clean the grill and then remove the 4 thumb screws to release the firepot, you can't pull it out yet because the ignitor wires are zip tied inside the auger motor area.

2- Under the pellet hopper, remove the 4 cross head screws holding the vented bottom panel, you will need to remove the WiFi antenna.

3- Looking from the right side of the hopper, you will see the fabric insulated wires coming from the firepot, excess is coiled and zip tied to the left of the auger motor. Cut the zip tie to free the wires.

4- Now you can get the slack needed to remove the firepot assembly. Pull it out until the wire connector comes into view, disconnect the pot.

5- Take the new assembly with its new extension cable and plug it into the old extension cable. Install the new assembly while using the old extension cable to pull the new wires thru the tube and into into the auger motor bay.

6- Once the new extension wire is in the auger bay, remove the 4 screws holding the front control panel in place. Gently tilt the control panel forward to gain access to the Hotrod extension cable connector. Remove the old extension cable and connect the new extension cable connector to the control panel. Replace the front panel.

7- Coil the excess hotrod extension cable wire and zip tie. Then replace the bottom panel and antenna, you are done!

This took me about 30min to figure out and complete.

My grill ignited in 5-10min with minimal overshoot (<50F).

Edit, Just some comments on what I saw in the auger motor area, the Auger Motor, Fan, and front panel main controller are all very easy to replace from this bay. Even the power supply is just a laptop type power module clamped inside. Hat's off to Traeger to make this a very easy unit to service!
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Jun 6, 2021
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Toledo, Ohio
Traeger Pro 575
This morning I started up my Pro 575 and got the "Igniter Disconnect Error". Investigating the issue, I found that the igniter cable was indeed disconnected. It must have happened when I cleaned out and oiled the firepot (as suggested by Slim!) last week.

It took some work to get it connected back again and I was going to post instructions for it on the forum in case someone else ran into the same issue. Then I found RemE's detailed instructions above for the Timberline which are the same as for the Pro series!

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