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Hello from Massachusetts


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Nov 22, 2019
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Bellingham, MA
Pro 575
Hello - Just ordered my Pro 575 last night, don't even have it yet! I've been a Weber gas and charcoal user for years, but we've moved to a condo and am hoping a pellet grill will give me the best of both worlds (on our smallish condo deck). From reading here in the forum a bit, sounds like the 575 had some temperature issues when it was first released. But sounds like those have been fixed with some thermocouple and/or firmware changes. Any other issues I should be watching out for? My other question is around the drip tray liners I see for sale. Necessary? Will some aluminum foil do the same job? Thanks
Welcome! I hope you have many great cooks on your new Traeger! I use the liners but they are expensive and foil works just fine. I prefer the ease of a liner but will eventually move back to foil.
Congrats on your purchase, Tony; I hope you are well-satisfied with it. Weber WSM's and Kettles with charcoal are also a treat to use :)
Welcome to the forum Tony! Congrats on the new Traeger! From what I've heard, it appears the temperature issues have been resolved with firmware updates. The problems we see now seem to be more of a quality control issue, but I'm not certain on that. When do you expect to get it?