Heavy Stainless steel drip trays and heat shields

I build these to order for almost every traeger grill. Send me a message with your grill model and zip code and I can get you a quote.
These are built out of heavy 304 stainless so
No more rust
No more warping so less apt to catch fire
No more hotspots
Looking forward to talking to all of you
I would love one! I own a Timberline 1300. Is there anyway you can make me one so I can have enough room to put some wood chunks on top of it? Or something to that effect. I like using wood chunks in addition to my Traeger. I like the extra smoke. Zip code is 84057. Email is markblackmouth@gmail.com
Looking for a quote for both drip tray & heat shield for the Pro 34. Shipping to 03036. Thanks.
I am looking for a heat baffle for a TL 1300 shipping to 66213. Also any direction on insulation/rust/heat proofing back wall better.

Thank you!
BEWARE: I ordered and prepaid $320 for the Traeger parts four weeks ago. They were to be shipped this week. Two messages to Shawnbbqman requesting shipping status have gone unanswered. Is my money gone????
Quote for Timberline 1300.

Zip is 32953
Is this a D2 model with the embossed drip tray?
There is no embossing on the drip tray.
Like this?


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Oh..I think you are correct. I believe it does say Front on the tray.
So it looks like this?


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Hi @Shawnbbqman are you still creating these drip trays? I tried to send a message (using the 'Start Conversation' link), but keep getting an error for some reason. Can I get a quote for a drip tray for an Ironwood 885, shipped to 80241? Thank you!