Got two Pro 34s delivered (one was broken) and the deflectors are completely different inside.


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Jul 8, 2024
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Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill in Bronze
The first one Home Depot decided to deliver looked like it was dropped. The lid was bent and had a huge gash, the leg was rusting, the hinges were sideways, and the handle dented. But that's not what made me curious. Inside all of that the deflector over the firepot looks like this:


Notice how even the part that it connects to on the grill is differently welded.

On the new one that came today, which I assembled myself from a sealed box with no dropping, the deflector looks like this:


Which from what I have seen on videos is what the Pro 34 deflector should look like. I compared the stickers on both the new and the broken one and both have the same model number "tfb88pzb" so why are the insides wildly different? I looked up the deflector in the first picture and it comes up with model numbers not what I have, so how'd it get in there and also have the correct part to clip onto if this is a Pro 34?
Your first photo is of a heat baffle/flame shield/heat deflector that is installed directly over the firepot. The second photo is of the drip tray that is installed over top of that, but below the grates. Each grill should have one of each type.

Let me show a different angle on the second picture, it's not the drip tray.


The drip tray goes on top of that and this goes over the firepot. Notice the two small metal things on the frame? The baffle rests on that.

Now look at the original grill's baffle:


The part it hooks onto is completely different than the new grill. Both of these are the same Pro 34 grill but the inside of one doesn't match any of the specs and is using a deflector, and how it connects, from a different series.
This will be a mystery for the ages.
Both are heat baffles, The squared off one is you best choice. Both will warp after some use and you can spend some bucks on a stainless steel replacement, or do as I did have a piece of 1/4 inch plate cut to fit and bolt it onto the original baffle. No warping and a good heat sink. I posted pictures of my mod back some time ago, and will try to attach it to this one.

Hi all,
The heat shield on my Texan has warped up about 3/4 inch from the tank on one corner. To solve this problem, I went to my local scrap steel company and found a piece of 1/4 inch plate steel that was very close to the size of the shield. I purchased it for a few bucks brought it home and drilled it in each corner then Home Depot for the bolts and washers. I match drilled the heat shield and fastened it to the warped shield. Presto the shield went back to it original shape (flat). The other advantage I have noticed is when it is up to temp the additional thickness acts like a heat sink and my temps have become more close to the temp setting. I know not everyone has a scrap steel yard where they live, but I have found companies on line that will sell a pre-cut piece of 1/4 plate for about $12.00 not counting shipping. I have attached pictures of the finished product. I hope this post can be helpful.


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