cooking with cast iron griddle


May 20, 2020
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Seattle, WA
Silverton 620
not sure if anyone's tried this (I'm sure someone has) but I have a Lodge cast iron griddle that I used for burgers and steaks recently and I thought cooking was much improved with this setup. the only drawback is probably the extra warmup and cleaning (of the griddle when done). but I feel that the pros far outweigh the cons.

I put the griddle on cold and fired up the silverton 620 to 500 degrees and let it heat a good 20-30 minutes to get that cast iron nice and hot. not only did I get beautiful grill marks, the built in grease trough caught all the runoff and didn't mess up my tray. it also didn't smoke like a chimney! the heat retention of the cast iron was amazing as I'm sure you all know, so opening the lid really didn't set back the cooking time.

anyway, if you've not been super happy with burgers on the Traeger, you may want to consider this option :)
I've used a cast iron griddle as well. For mine I didn't do the whole cook on the cast iron, just left it in the back while burgers or chicken were cooking. Then a minute on each side to sear. Works really well.
I went down the cast iron path as well and all was ok until I discovered grillgrates. These plates are fantastic and the heat from the aluminium is great. Searing is so easy now, big difference to my cooking.

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