Converting a recipe


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Jul 10, 2019
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I’m doing the Traeger recipe for Brisket, but it says to smoke for about 6 hours to 160° and then foil wrap and cook for 3-4 hours until 204° internal temp. Recipe is calling for a 12-14 lb Brisket, mine is about three and a half. Running the Traeger at 225° how long should I reasonably expect to get to 160° and 204° with this smaller cut?
I usually smoke 7# flats and they are a 9 hour cook and then 2 hours to rest in a cooler. It takes about 5 hours to hit the stall. Remember you don't have to get to 160f exactly as each piece of meat will cook differently at a different rate. Once the increase in internal temps slows down around the 155 to 165 range, pull it and wrap it up. Also being such a small piece of meat I would inject it with beef broth and leave at least 1/4" of fat on the fat cap or it will be dry. You could also add a bit of beef broth to the foil when you wrap, however it will soften the bark up. Good luck and enjoy the process and remember it's done when it's done and make sure you let it rest. For a 3.5# I would expect it to take 6-7 hours then rest for 2 hours