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Controller stuck in firmware update for hours


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May 10, 2020
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Austin, TX
Ironwood 885
I powered up my grill last night to start a brisket for Mother's Day. I set the temp and smoke setting and pressed ignite. Immediately after beginning the ignition process, the controller began updating its firmware. No prompt or option. It seemed to hit temp, so I loaded the brisket and went to bed. This morning the brisket is at stall temp (so the smoker is working) but the controller still says updating firmware and is otherwise unresponsive.

I pressed the temp set button and now it displays the Traeger logo. Then pressed the menu key and the controller looked normal. Unfortunately I could not connect the app. I tried removing the grill from my account and adding it back. It added back, but the app still showed it disconnected. Finally, after finishing my cook, I turned the grill off and back on and it reconnected fine.

Solution: Try pressing Menu or Temp select to see if you get back to the main menu. If you do, power cycle the grill (using the switch on the back) to restore connectivity to the app.

(BTW, my second brisket was much better than my first. A little dry, but flavor and texture were great.)
A lot of complaints over the past 24+ Hours on the various Traeger-related FB Boards with the same issue - after a Power On cycle and starting a new grilling session, WiFIRE appears to be "stuck" downloading updates ... they do seem to be receiving a new Firmware Update to 2.01.01 (the last .01 is "new" and not documented up on the WiFIRE Status Page (https://www.traegergrills.com/status) ... so Traeger is still asleep at the wheel related to keeping that page current) ... what is the version of Firmware / Config data on your WiFIRE now (and what Model Grill)?